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27 May

Any good mobile or PC gambling games?

Any good gambling games?

Since June is the start of our “Yey, our games and apps” time, we started prototyping for top secret really fun game number 3.

A thing that we want to do in our next fun release is balance luck and skill.  Usually when those two are properly combined good things happen (not limited to games or game making)

By luck we mean or are aiming towards gambling. Right now we’re in the playing phase and we want to try out any game (preferably on iOS or PC) that has gambling as a main or major component.

So what should we play? Any good “gambling included” game suggestions?

14 May

What games should be featured on GAMEgifs?

GAMEgifs - Animations And Effects For Juicy Games

It’s been roughly one month since we launched GAMEgifs, a collection of animations and effects to serve as examples of “juiciness” in games and we’re adding new cotent daily.

Right now, we need your input. We are only adding based on what we play or what we have been playing. However, we need your play experience to bring diversity to the website. So here it is:

What games that you have played should be featured on GAMEgifs?

You can leave a comment with a name or even a paragraph describing the exact effects or animations we should showcase.

We will review all the submissions and probably extract something from every game suggestion.

We’re looking forward to your input. Have a crazy day!


Bonus MiniGame: can you guess all the games in our new cover image for GAMEgifs?

16 Apr

What kind of music gets you working?


I’ve started listening to music while I work… pretty loud to be honest. I work at home so that isn’t really a problem. It’s not like there is a lot of noise but sometimes I seem to get more hours of work done per day.

I’ve listened to several Spotify channels and even had a playlist going but I have yet to find that perfect style of music to boost my work mood. So I’m asking:  what music gets you going?

Feel free to leave links to playlists or any suggestions or tips and I’ll give them all a try.