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14 May

What games should be featured on GAMEgifs?

GAMEgifs - Animations And Effects For Juicy Games

It’s been roughly one month since we launched GAMEgifs, a collection of animations and effects to serve as examples of “juiciness” in games and we’re adding new cotent daily.

Right now, we need your input. We are only adding based on what we play or what we have been playing. However, we need your play experience to bring diversity to the website. So here it is:

What games that you have played should be featured on GAMEgifs?

You can leave a comment with a name or even a paragraph describing the exact effects or animations we should showcase.

We will review all the submissions and probably extract something from every game suggestion.

We’re looking forward to your input. Have a crazy day!


Bonus MiniGame: can you guess all the games in our new cover image for GAMEgifs?

20 Nov

The Way Home: Preparing For Christmas Launch

The Way Home Game iOS soon on the AppStore

So, as some of you know, we have been working on The Way Home,  our next game. We’re aiming to submit in time for the Christmas Holidays.

There are still a lot of things to do: mechanics and content to add, bugs, play testing, level balancing, you name it.  All our Trello cards put together are longer than a Black Friday shopping receipt. But we want to see you time traveling before the iTunes’ “frozen” week.

The most critical parts are content and polish. There is also particle effects and more game play related mechanics or enemies, but they will probably have to wait for future updates. On the bright side, we might be able to squeeze a set of hardcore levels with Dex as the main character. Time travel coordinates crossed.

Right. That’s about it. It’s back to work and coffee for us.