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04 Aug

Youtubers and Youtube channels that cater to iOS games

Last week we launched a big update for our iOS game The Way Home. In a way, this was the main launch so we wanted to promote the game and the update accordingly.

Among other promotional activities, this also meant contacting youtube channels in the hopes that they will like and play your game.  There are a lot of lists with such channels  and there is also Pixel Prospector’s site: VideoGameCaster.

The problem is that not many cater to mobile games, iOS in our case. On VideoGameCaster‘s homepage it actually says that:

Video Game Caster youtube headline

So we started searching and we have found channels that have been covering mobile games. Some of them also take requests.

Here is the list. We hope it helps. Please leave a comment if you know any other channel that covers mobile games, especially iOS or if you own such a channel and we will add it to the list (and probably send you a review request for our game too).

The sorting method used to create this list: None.

List of Youtubers and Youtube channels catering to iOS games


28 Jan

Want better iOS games? Then Review Every Single One You Play

Rate and Review Every Game

In spite of the fact that iOS developers are constantly asking Apple to review the Appstore and sort out the discoverability issues, the company has yet make any major changes in this direction. That leaves both us the developers and all of you players (+ us again. Hey, we play too) in quite a pickle.

At this moment, there are well over 1 million apps and games on the App Store. Probably over half of them are rubbish, not of interest or out of date. Let’s go even further and say 80% fall into that category(just fictive percentage).  There would still be 200.000 apps to sort through and try out. 

Do you really think that the Apple App Store is serving you the best possible games out there? Well, they are trying, but they have a long way to go. Read More