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07 Apr

Why force push notifications onto players instead of charging for them?

push notification IAPs

A lot of games (if not all of them) use push notifications to inform or get players back into the game:

  • Your energy/life is recharged…
  • Player97 has challenged you. It’s your move
  • Your hero is fully healed

And it is normal for those to be free. I have a valid interest in sending those pushes to the player.

Games however have the power to create needs and thus the possibility of extra service for the players.


hay day tom

A good example of a service within a game is “Tom” from Hay Day.  He’s an errand boy that
helps you find resources you need to buy from other players.   Instead of searching through all your friends’ products on sale, you just tell him what to find and he gets it.

Now back to the notifications. Apart from the basic ones mentioned above that are nowadays sent even without specific permission (see local pushes), I think it is a valid option to charge for getting notified of important events within a game. Here are some that I would consider paying for:

  • New events or allies needing my help to defeat a Raid boss in Blood Brothers
  • When bosses can be attacked again in Word Mage
  • When any person from my shortlist or list of friends are playing any multiplayer game
  • When new heroes are activated/available for play in Kingdoms CCG for iPad

It is an interesting IAP that also can take on a “subscription” form.  The speed of receiving the notification versus other players is another approach to it.  Having a player pay for this feature might also increase the value of notifications for them.

It is true that I have only seen this in practice with Twiterrific, an app not a game but I am curious and searching to see if I can find such a service in a mobile game (that actually had success).

What are your thoughts on charging for “valuable” notifications (notifications as a service)?


13 Jan

Push Monkey: Push Notifications For WordPress In OS X Mavericks


With the launch of OS X Mavericks, Apple also introduced a new(and we think cool) feature: Desktop Push Notifications. In short you can use the Apple Push Notifications Service to send messages to your website users, right on their Mac desktop — even when Safari isn’t running.

Here’s a video to get a clear idea of how it looks:

As a reader, this means that I can subscribe to my favorite website and receive a desktop push the moment it publishes a new article.

As a publisher, this means a new and engaging channel for spreading new content.

That is why, we are preparing to launch a plugin that easily integrates this feature on any WordPress powered site. And its name is Push Monkey.

So what will the initial version of the plugin offer? 

  • It will let you select the categories to send out push messages when you publish a new post.
  • It will let you send out a custom post (text, link).
  • A potentially unlimited number of Push Notifications sent(we will have an exact number when we launch).
  • You automatically save the $99 dollars per year that you would normally need to pay for the Apple Developer Program(required in order to send these push notifications).

We’ve already tested the plugin on iDownloadblog and FunkySpaceMonkey. Of course you need a Mac running Mavericks to see it in action. We currently read over 10000 subscribers. Conversion rates and other interesting data to come.

So how many Mac users running on Mavericks are we talking about?

A bit over 36.000.000. OS X Mavericks has a 2.42% market share.  The number of computers worldwide right now is about 1.5 billion.

Bare in mind that the  Apple has a computer market share of 7.56% so expect the numbers mentioned above to double this year.

Are you interested and want this awesome powerup for your websites and readers?

Sign Up for Push Monkey