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08 Apr

Studio log: only one month to go…


Like most indie game devs starting out, we are still some way off from sustaining ourselves exclusively from our games and apps.

Right now, we are looking forward to the end of April when the Easter bunny will signal the end of our current contract work and the beginning of (roughly) 6 wonderful “our stuff” time.

Starting May, we’ll pick up where we left off with The Way Home: a new update with some neat effects, a revamped interface and a new story with hardcore-ish levels. We’ve still got 5  extra stories ready to go but we’ll see if we have the time do to all the art for it ( the assets taking a lot of time to make)

We’ll also continue work on Push Monkey plus prototyping for our next game.

Six months is not much and that is good – it’s a good incentive to stay focused and deliver.

Only one month to go…

01 Dec

Clumsy And The Stars: Free Forever

Clumsy Splash Screen 1

After the flopped launch of Clumsy And The Stars in 2012, we have been doing several experiments with pricing to see if the game picks up. We did not see any significant increase in downloads.

We did have a huge spike when the game(free at the time) was mentioned on Touch Arcade and we submitted the game on Reddit’s AppHookup. Other than that, not much.

The game does need an update to integrate some basic social mechanics and update the graphics and code to be compatible with new devices and retina screens, but we do not know when we will have time for that.

So, having said all that, we have decided to keep the game free forever!

By free, we mean there isn’t any in app purchases, no catch, just a very pretty game with some challenging levels.  We hope you like it and if you do, please share or tell someone about the game.

At some point…maaaaybe we will put in some donations or some cosmetic in app purchases. We’ll see…

Clumsy And The Stars


Play Clumsy And The Stars FREE


P.S. Some players have said that the game is slow. As a side note, the game is slow up to the point where you start bouncing Clumsy off the clouds. We wanted it to be that slow because it makes most players impatient and make them tap at the wrong time.