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01 Aug

Hilarious gameplay video for The Way Home and other news

the-way-home-landedIn case you missed it, the big update for The Way Home landed on the App Store on Wednesday.

If you want to support our Lamborghini renting and champagne instead of water drinking habits, please play the game and buy something. Promise we won’t drink and drive… unless one is driving and the other drinking.

Now, some quick updates and news regarding the game:

1. We’re already working on a new quick update. This one will mainly deal  with some bugs and improvements to the game. More details in a future post.

2. We’re giving away a $25 US iTunes Gift Card. More details on Touch Arcade.

3. We’ve also talked about Game Screenshots that sell on the App Store and how we used Facebook Tweaks for developing our game.


And finally, a hilarious video from Last Level for some friday laughs:

28 Jan

Want better iOS games? Then Review Every Single One You Play

Rate and Review Every Game

In spite of the fact that iOS developers are constantly asking Apple to review the Appstore and sort out the discoverability issues, the company has yet make any major changes in this direction. That leaves both us the developers and all of you players (+ us again. Hey, we play too) in quite a pickle.

At this moment, there are well over 1 million apps and games on the App Store. Probably over half of them are rubbish, not of interest or out of date. Let’s go even further and say 80% fall into that category(just fictive percentage).  There would still be 200.000 apps to sort through and try out. 

Do you really think that the Apple App Store is serving you the best possible games out there? Well, they are trying, but they have a long way to go. Read More

27 Jan

Using iTunes Affiliate Link To Get Precise Install Numbers

itunes affiliate link

We did a small experiment last month with a mobile game.  We promoted the game on a new channel but added the affiliate code to the game link.  Since we were only promoting in one channel and only with that link, besides the number of clicks we were able to find out how many installs we got as well (items).

We’re just curious if any other analytics services can offer this functionality (i.e. Google Analytics or Flurry)

iOS Game Dev Analytics