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22 Jan

Ad to Cash and Ad to Fun Ratio in Free To Play Games

Ad To Cash Ratio - moWOW studios

I was reading the other day about Crossy Road and how they made 1 million dollar from video ads.  In the past few months I’ve seen better and better integration between games and ads where currency is being replaced with watching a 15 second video or a banner.

It got me wondering what is the ad to cash ratio in these games and if there is any average or standard to it.  In other words many ads must a player watch to match a $0.99 IAP? Here’s a few games that I tested out and their ratios: Read More

27 May

Any good mobile or PC gambling games?

Any good gambling games?

Since June is the start of our “Yey, our games and apps” time, we started prototyping for top secret really fun game number 3.

A thing that we want to do in our next fun release is balance luck and skill.  Usually when those two are properly combined good things happen (not limited to games or game making)

By luck we mean or are aiming towards gambling. Right now we’re in the playing phase and we want to try out any game (preferably on iOS or PC) that has gambling as a main or major component.

So what should we play? Any good “gambling included” game suggestions?

27 Jan

Some Useful Services, Resources And Tools For iOS Game Developers

iOS Tools Services Game App

Since our huge moWOW studio army/team is made of exactly 2, we were “easily” persuaded to use any tool and service available out there to shorten and optimize our workload while trying to compromise as little as possible.

This sometimes feels like a game and we are the main characters, getting achievements and rewards when we get it right or discover something new that helps us (yes, we sometimes get power-ups, extra lives and upgrades).

Here is a list with services and tools and other stuff that we use and that has helped us. We will keep adding to this list and we will also add any suggestions that you leave us in the comments. These are not divided into categories… yet:

Read More

18 Dec

The Way Home: Game Is Live. And Free. Get It Now!

The Way Home Available Appstore

As of this moment, The Way Home is live on the App Store. The game is free and puts you in the shoes of William White just as he tests his time machine.

You find yourself in the past, in the bodies of different people with different problems. Solve each person’s problems and pass each level in order to jump in time again. Will the next leap be the one to take you back home?

We hope you’ll enjoy the game and the stories. If you have the time during your time travels, don’t forget to leave us some feedback or a review on the AppStore.

The Way Home: Incredible Time Travel Arcade Adventure
Play The Way Home FREE