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27 May

Any good mobile or PC gambling games?

Any good gambling games?

Since June is the start of our “Yey, our games and apps” time, we started prototyping for top secret really fun game number 3.

A thing that we want to do in our next fun release is balance luck and skill.  Usually when those two are properly combined good things happen (not limited to games or game making)

By luck we mean or are aiming towards gambling. Right now we’re in the playing phase and we want to try out any game (preferably on iOS or PC) that has gambling as a main or major component.

So what should we play? Any good “gambling included” game suggestions?

23 May

What animations or effects do you think are used the most in games?

We’ve already asked this question on Twitter and on Quora and we’re asking you too. The answers will help us with GAMEgifs but it’s also a curiosity.

Considering there are so many games coming out these days, what do you think are the most used animations or  visual effects used and why?

Is it the fade in, the screen flashing, blood gushing out, screen shakes, coin collect sparkle?

In a way, just like certain positions and colors and names of buttons have become standard in user’s minds, we think the same might apply to some extent to effects and animations.

22 May

What we’re doing + What are you working on right now?

Me and Tudor had a plan. We had contract work til May this year, then work half a year on our projects and games. Well, May became June for us.

Main reasons being  1. it was possible and 2. winter is coming and searching or finding contract work during winter is a long (and cold) shot.

That being said, we eagerly await for the 1st of June to finish and polish The Way Home, work on Push Monkey and start work on our new game.

We’re also adding content to GAMEgifs every day and are working on a new project that won’t have any in app purchases.

What games are you guys working on right now?

19 May

It only has 10 levels, I want a refund!

Today we saw this tweet. Also read the two comments in the picture:

Monument Valley is an AMAZING experience (see how I did not even use game). The two who commented also confirm this. And then they say that for 10 amazing levels or for one amazing hour of play, $3 is not worth it.

Here are my interpretations of what they are saying:

  • I would rather pay for a meal at  McDonalds than at a quality restaurant because the servings are bigger.
  • I am giving employee X the raise because he worked twice as long, even though employee Y brought in triple sales.
  • I am buying this no name tablet because it has more ram memory and storage.

Leaving aside that the devs are probably working on the next update, it’s a sad irony. We want to go to the best shows, go to the best amusement parks, go to the best movies. Yet one hour of great entertainment at home or on the toilet or in bed with a warm mug of *insert preferred drink here* at $3 is way too much. 

All we can hope is that they make these kind of decisions only when it comes to gaming *fingers crossed*.



16 May

Enemy Attack Anticipation Animation In Games

When fighting enemies and especially bosses, you always figure out when the monster, robot, enemy is about to attack. That is because he / she / it tells you. Whether it’s a slow build up or a quick sign, it is there.

That helps a lot when “figuring out” the enemy. It’s called anticipation and it’s one of the 12 principles of animation.

Some anticipation animation examples below:

Anticipation Animation

Anticipation Animation 12 Principles games

Anticipation animation

  1. The orc boss raises the spear and holds while he aims.
  2. The robot has distinct movements before attacking (not to mention the bullets appearing in the barrels + the arm movements when firing).
  3. The creepy bandaged dude always pulls back the hand and also twists his body before attacking.

For more juicy animation examples, visit GAMEgifs.