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28 Apr

A working from home puzzle game?

working from home game

Working from home can be a great thing and it also can be a horrible one. It all depends on how you set up, respect and of course protect your workplace and work space.

Let me give some examples of what challenges can appear: do some dishes, wake up late, get some bread, do the laundry, play something because you’re home, kids interrupt or don’t let you work at all, wife/husband calls from work or writes you to do something because you are at home.

Leaving all these distractions and interruptions into your 8 hour work time will mean productivity death by “a thousand cuts”. At the end of the day you will check your work log and only see 3-4 hours or even less.

So why not a game about this? A game about trying to juggle all the challenges with all the work? Is there already such a game? I mean apart from the real life one we are already “playing”?

22 Jan

Get The New Update for The Way Home + Sneak Preview

The Way Home: Incredible Time Travel Arcade Adventure

You can now fix those pesky time traveling bugs with the new update for The Way Home!

If you actually do read the “What’s New” part, there’s a little something something for you there.  Also, check out the new splash image that will go up on the App Store with the next binary.

We started work on the second update right after submitting. This update is a bit bigger and involves some UI changes and new features and effects.  Here is a very rough mock-up of what the game results page is going to look like:

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18 Dec

The Way Home: Game Is Live. And Free. Get It Now!

The Way Home Available Appstore

As of this moment, The Way Home is live on the App Store. The game is free and puts you in the shoes of William White just as he tests his time machine.

You find yourself in the past, in the bodies of different people with different problems. Solve each person’s problems and pass each level in order to jump in time again. Will the next leap be the one to take you back home?

We hope you’ll enjoy the game and the stories. If you have the time during your time travels, don’t forget to leave us some feedback or a review on the AppStore.

The Way Home: Incredible Time Travel Arcade Adventure
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