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30 Jul

Facebook Tweaks for iOS Game Development

Did we tell you about the upcoming update to our little time travel arcade game? We’re pretty sure that we did mention it somewhere in here.

The road to this major update was a lot smoother than the road to the initial release. We tried to optimize our dev process and we will talk about one aspect.


Facebook recently introduced Tweaks, a library that allows small adjustments to be made very easily, while the game is running.

Basically, by just shaking the device, a modal view is presented with the variables that  you have marked for tweaking. After changing those values, they are update in the live app.

If this sounds like something not related to game development, good. Continue reading. iOS Game development is tons of fun!

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12 May

Some News, Sales and Tools From the Indie World

News, Sales, Tools GAMEgifs

Here’s some cool stuff we’ve been finding / reading these days:

  • The creators of Presskit() are preparing to launch a new and better way to handle games press called distribute() (pronounced ‘do distribute’)
  • You can sign up for a new marketplace called Game Dev Market where indie game developers cand buy or sell assets.
  • App Annie has just released two new free services for app marketers:¬†Advertising Analytics (officially out of beta) and App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Humble Bundle is having a Spring Sale. I hope you saved some money because they have a great offer.
  • GOG.com is also having an Indie Sale with discounts up to 85%
  • A good talk on how to work with Youtube streamers to help market your games.

So what did we miss?