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10 Apr

A crazy bread simulator and an awesome retro mashup to play over the weekend

We always keep our eyes open for new and fun games to play and this weekend is starting to look like a very unproductive one! Here are two to try out:

I am Bread – Don’t be fooled into thinking that the goal of the game is to get that perfect spread or ideal toast burn. This is not your average slice of bread. Have a look at the latest trailer:

Pacapong – Take Space Invaders, Pacman and Pong. Mash them together. Add a bit of donkey kong for seasoning. You get Pacapong. An incredibly fun and challenging retro mashup by @dickpoelen. Check out the gameplay below:


We shared our find. How about you? What else should we play over the weekend?

09 Jul

The Way Home: Next update is waiting for review

The Way Home game hardcore levels

We’ve submitted the next big update for “The Way Home” to the App Store last week and it’s waiting to go in review.

Here’s some of the cooler stuff that the update is bringing:

– A hardcore “throw your phone” story with Dex as the main character
– A creative update to the scoring that rewards players for doing streaks (finishing as many consecutive levels as possible without dying or repeating the level… similar to bowling)
– Reduced iAP prices for powerups: all $0.99
– Reduced price for unlock all: $2.99
– Increased number of powerups you get (10 second winds, 3 slows)

We’ll give a shout out (and probably another review voucher sweepstake thingy) when the update is out and ready to download.

In the meantime, download the game if you haven’t already. The Way Home is free.


14 Jan

The Way Home: New Update Submitted To Appstore

THe Way Home Game Update 1

Hi all you time traveling TWH fans. We’ve just submitted our first update for “The Way Home” to the Appstore. So what does this update bring?

  • New scene from Will’s lab. Actually their secret smoking spot. We added it in a secret place. Can you find it?
  • UI improvements. Minor changes here and there, a bit of spit and polish, some dust cleaning. You know, the usual.
  • Major Bug Fixes for various iOS 6 and Game Center crashes. You should have seen those bugs. But they were no match for our giant slipper.
  • Notifications Fixed. Yes, we know what the game said and we are sorry: Christmas does not come everytime you close the game. And no, you are not permanently stuck at the beginning of 2014
  • Dex kicked the time machine and now Will should use his SLOW and PIVOT power-ups more often. Also levels are more fun.
  • Added localization for Klingon. Works only if you are on one of their planets (Fictuous)
  • 20% of any In App Purchases now goes to the Time Traveller’s Pension Fund (Fictuous)

We’ve already started on the next update that will improve and properly show and explain the scoring and we’ll add the hardcore levels.

We are also thinking of changing the controls from up down arrow to dragging your finger up and down on the screen. We think it would be a better and more manageable control system for time travel. We are curious to see what you have to say(speak your mind in the comments).

We’ll let you know when you can update the game. Have a crazy day!