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22 Jul

The Way Home Update Out On The 30th of July

Hey everyone, we’re excited. The update has been approved, Will is lost in time again and Dex is acting out in the present so here’s a teaser trailer.

Want to find out what Dex is up to? Then download the game and get ready: the next update is coming out on the 30th of July:

For veteran time travelers, there will be a cool collection of intense episodes while helping Dex, William’s best friend, to score a date with a special lady.

Warning: A strong urge to throw your phone might appear while dodging obstacles, gathering special items and dashing around corners.

High “time re-travel-ability” – try and get the best score, best time and the perfect streak. Get to the top of the leaderboards by playing a perfect game and getting bonuses based on a bowling style score system. On top of that comes an imposing “One Shot Bonus”.

Incredibly low-priced time traveling: To celebrate the new update, starting with the 30th of July,  we will dropp the price for Unlock All to $0.99 for one week.

Help us spread the word about the game and the update. Each new player and new download gives us the necessary resources to find out where Will is and get him closer to coming back home.


01 May

Cool Free Abandonware Games For The Short Holiday

my abandonware

Not sure if this applies everywhere in the world, but for us today is a holiday and so we’ll probably take Friday off as well, and Tudor found the best way to enjoy this extended weekend.

We give you My Abandonware.  It’s a huge (over 4000) free to download collection of old PC “abandonware” games dating from 1980 up to 2002.

I don’t know what you have planned for these upcoming days, but my calendar has Civilization, X-COM and Settlers II written all over it.

What is your favorite game from their list?

18 Dec

The Way Home: Game Is Live. And Free. Get It Now!

The Way Home Available Appstore

As of this moment, The Way Home is live on the App Store. The game is free and puts you in the shoes of William White just as he tests his time machine.

You find yourself in the past, in the bodies of different people with different problems. Solve each person’s problems and pass each level in order to jump in time again. Will the next leap be the one to take you back home?

We hope you’ll enjoy the game and the stories. If you have the time during your time travels, don’t forget to leave us some feedback or a review on the AppStore.

The Way Home: Incredible Time Travel Arcade Adventure
Play The Way Home FREE



01 Dec

Clumsy And The Stars: Free Forever

Clumsy Splash Screen 1

After the flopped launch of Clumsy And The Stars in 2012, we have been doing several experiments with pricing to see if the game picks up. We did not see any significant increase in downloads.

We did have a huge spike when the game(free at the time) was mentioned on Touch Arcade and we submitted the game on Reddit’s AppHookup. Other than that, not much.

The game does need an update to integrate some basic social mechanics and update the graphics and code to be compatible with new devices and retina screens, but we do not know when we will have time for that.

So, having said all that, we have decided to keep the game free forever!

By free, we mean there isn’t any in app purchases, no catch, just a very pretty game with some challenging levels.  We hope you like it and if you do, please share or tell someone about the game.

At some point…maaaaybe we will put in some donations or some cosmetic in app purchases. We’ll see…

Clumsy And The Stars


Play Clumsy And The Stars FREE


P.S. Some players have said that the game is slow. As a side note, the game is slow up to the point where you start bouncing Clumsy off the clouds. We wanted it to be that slow because it makes most players impatient and make them tap at the wrong time.