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26 Mar

2048: You’re cloning it wrong!


Flappy Bird isn’t the only title to get a clone fest on the App Store. Threes! has that going too. Of course it was only a matter of time before someone cloned it to offer a free version. In comes 1024. Then we got 2048, a web version. And now we have dozens of clones. There are devs out there actually cloning clones of the Threes game.

I understand it’s easy to clone, but I have to believe that people spending time to make a clone and promoting it are actually doing that to also make some money. That being said, just making an identical game and calling it different because you reskinned it won’t get you far. In fact, all you get is time wasted.

Do you want your clone to get seen and played and remembered? Then try and stand out. Try and be creative. Try and show us a side of this fun mechanic that we have not seen yet. Try and bring something hilarious (Like the Doge version of the game) to the table. Do all it takes so that your game be remembered.

When people playing Threes! or 2048 look at your game, they are either going to say clone or they are going to describe it as similar to.

Bring something new to the table. Try and aim for the latter. 

20 Mar

Watching everyone flapping birds

Flappy flappy

Me and Tudor are still watching and still discussing now and then about what will be remembered as the “Flappy Bird” incident (well, we’ll remember it like that anyway).

Seeing Dong succeed with a small game as a one man team is motivating for any one man team. We are 2.

What is also interesting is everything that happened after he pulled the game and how everyone tried to either take a piece of the players’ craving or tried to get in on the media attention ( by making their own version/clone ).

Even more interesting is how Apple and Google tried to counter their top rankings being flooded with these games (because of people’s desire to test each version) by rejecting any game/app that had Flappy in it.

While we won’t be creating another clone, Dong’s games have made us rethink and reconsider the future games that we are developing.  Are they small / simple enough? Can we create a tutorial that is just as short? Can we do anything to reach that level of simplicity without sacrificing the experience of our games?

It’s funny to see the brand of a product grow and evolve and be pirated and cloned… without it even being present on the market.

So how did it affect you? What questions did Flappy Bird raise in your case?