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09 Apr

How to get players to like your game’s Facebook page



I wrote last month about how advertising on Facebook for page fans will only get you more and more fake accounts. On top of that, the reach and visibility you have in front of real fans goes down the more you attract fakes.

For games however, a relatively safe alternative is promoting the page only inside the game. But just placing the Facebook button or like us button doesn’t work.

Usually games try and motivate “liking” by giving away coins. Coins however don’t have value for a player until after he has played for a while.

Another way to get them to like your page that seems to have good results is to reward them with a critical item or weapon or building or vehicle early on in the game that helps with their progress.

Here are 2 examples:

1. Bike Race Free – gives the third bike away but 2 conditions are liking both their game page and studio page. They have 3.4 million likes.

photo 1


2. Road Warriors – You can instantly get a better car at start. All you have to do is like the game page. They have 1.1 million likes.

photo 2

Two thoughts here. One, I wouldn’t focus my players on 2 pages. Players care about the game (if they decide to care about it). Most of the time they don’t know or don’t care about the company that made the game, at least not at first.  Second, it’s interesting that Road Warrior actually checks if you are a fan of their page so you can’t really trick them but you can unlike them afterwards.

I admit that I don’t have any strong data to prove that the items in their shops described above and the big number of fans are related.  I’ve just been following these games on occasion since they were down to 500k fans for Bike Race and 300k for Road Warriors (the time when I first liked their pages).



18 Mar

Do you want real Facebook Fans? Then don’t advertise on Facebook

Even though Facebook is delivering good results when it comes to mobile app installs, it seems to be doing the opposite with page fans.

It seems that advertising to get new fans, be it either legal (via Facebook advertising) or not will only drown your page with fake profiles (see video below). On top of that, due to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, all those fake likes also reduce the reach you had with your real fans.

In the case of mobile games trying to get players to become fans, it might be possible to avoid drowning in all that fake-ness by only promoting the page within the game and where possible offering incentives to become a fan(coins, bonuses, etc.). That way, most of your fan base will come from within the game.

Having a relatively healthy user base you can also do promoted posts, targeting fans and their friends. You still have a chance to get fake friends, but also a higher chance to get more real players on board.

The fake fan problem was never really a secret. What wasn’t clear was the extent of it. And what is even more troublesome is that those fake fans are there to stay. You can’t “un-fan” them.