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22 Jul

The Way Home Update Out On The 30th of July

Hey everyone, we’re excited. The update has been approved, Will is lost in time again and Dex is acting out in the present so here’s a teaser trailer.

Want to find out what Dex is up to? Then download the game and get ready: the next update is coming out on the 30th of July:

For veteran time travelers, there will be a cool collection of intense episodes while helping Dex, William’s best friend, to score a date with a special lady.

Warning: A strong urge to throw your phone might appear while dodging obstacles, gathering special items and dashing around corners.

High “time re-travel-ability” – try and get the best score, best time and the perfect streak. Get to the top of the leaderboards by playing a perfect game and getting bonuses based on a bowling style score system. On top of that comes an imposing “One Shot Bonus”.

Incredibly low-priced time traveling: To celebrate the new update, starting with the 30th of July,  we will dropp the price for Unlock All to $0.99 for one week.

Help us spread the word about the game and the update. Each new player and new download gives us the necessary resources to find out where Will is and get him closer to coming back home.


01 Dec

The Way Home: Meet Will And Dex

William White and Dexter Darrington

Since you will be seeing and reading a lot about them in the game when it comes out in December, we thought it would be appropriate to present the main characters in The Way Home game.

First off, William White (the gentleman on the left). A genius of his time. Will is currently working on a secret project regarding time travel. Actually, he will be working on this up to the point where he decides to test it himself. Coincidentally that is also the exact moment when you will finish the tutorial in our game.

Then we have Dexter Darrington(on the right). Handsome chap. Loves cigars. Loves women even more. Not for long mind you. He is William’s best friend and also works with William on the time travel project. After William jumps in time, Dex will be the main communication channel with Will.

Only 20 days left. It’s okay, if we don’t finish in time we’ll just ask William to help us out. Have a crazy day!