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23 May

What animations or effects do you think are used the most in games?

We’ve already asked this question on Twitter and on Quora and we’re asking you too. The answers will help us with GAMEgifs but it’s also a curiosity.

Considering there are so many games coming out these days, what do you think are the most used animations or  visual effects used and why?

Is it the fade in, the screen flashing, blood gushing out, screen shakes, coin collect sparkle?

In a way, just like certain positions and colors and names of buttons have become standard in user’s minds, we think the same might apply to some extent to effects and animations.

20 May

Shake The Player’s Screen To Show Strength Or Power

If you want to show force, power or strength in attacks or hits in games, shake the screen.

It’s not the only effect or animation you can do, but if I’m dealing the damage, it’s satisfying to see the whole game world shake when I attack. Usually the shake is accompanied by something crashing, breaking, cracking, falling.

It’s not that nice when you’re getting hit, but the shaking does warn you that something happened and you should review your strategy or tactics.

Here are four quick examples from Combo Crew, Angry Birds Epic!, Endless Boss Fight and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

For more game animation examples, check out GAMEgifs.

Room shake animation example GAMEgifs

Smashing force in Angry Birds Epic example shake GAMEgifs

Shaking the screen when taking damage in Endless Boss Fight example GAMEgifs

screen shake on player defeat in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


16 May

Enemy Attack Anticipation Animation In Games

When fighting enemies and especially bosses, you always figure out when the monster, robot, enemy is about to attack. That is because he / she / it tells you. Whether it’s a slow build up or a quick sign, it is there.

That helps a lot when “figuring out” the enemy. It’s called anticipation and it’s one of the 12 principles of animation.

Some anticipation animation examples below:

Anticipation Animation

Anticipation Animation 12 Principles games

Anticipation animation

  1. The orc boss raises the spear and holds while he aims.
  2. The robot has distinct movements before attacking (not to mention the bullets appearing in the barrels + the arm movements when firing).
  3. The creepy bandaged dude always pulls back the hand and also twists his body before attacking.

For more juicy animation examples, visit GAMEgifs.

06 May

The Death Animations in DOOM

We keep looking to add new entries to GAMEgifs, mostly out of curiosity and eagerness to discover great effects and ideas that bring games to life.

Today I had the fortune of stumbling over a video of all the monsters in the original DOOM in their walking, shooting and dying animations (the hero of the game included).

I personally like the Cacodemon and the Mancubus deaths but all are really very “rewarding”.