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04 Feb

Over 100 use cases and examples for iBeacon technology

ibeacon product info

We’ve recently finished our second iBeacon project and during development time we had the chance to both research and talk about ways that we could use this new technology.

While the most obvious and most touted way is revolutionizing retail, we believe it is just the tip of the iceberg and we are also seeing this in the requests that we receive.

Here’s a list with all the ideas that have come up or that we have found so far. The list is not exhaustive and we accept any tips on new ideas or examples of how to use this technology: Read More

28 Jan

Last day to get in on our Push Monkey “Cool update” sale

Safari Push Notifications - Push Monkey - Sale

If your website or blog has an important Mac readership, you might want to consider enabling Safari Push Notifications.

It’s an exciting new channel that lets your readers subscribe and receive notifications on their desktops when you publish new content.

In the past week we have been running a “cool update” sale for Push Monkey, our solution and service for delivering Safari Push Notifications for WordPress websites.

The sale ends today so check out Push Monkey and get in on the offer!


20 Aug

SDKs And Libraries Used In “The Way Home”

As we might have already previously mentioned, The Way Home is running on the great Cocos2D engine. We also used a few other 3rd party library and services and we’d like to mention and thank them with this opportunity:

  • AFNetworking – this is almost boilerplate code, required by any iOS app that has any server component
  • Dropbox – Our level editor stores all the created levels directly on Dropbox, so we can access them across various devices easily.
  • Everyplay – To record and share replays of the levels. Their SDK is easy to understand and well documented
  • Facebook SDK – For interacting with the Open Graph
  • Facebook Tweaks – For minor adjustment of effects, animations and UI layout. You can find more info about this bit in here
  • Google Analytics – For tracking, of course.
  • Parse – For sending push notifications
  • TapStream – For tracking installs
  • TestFlight – For distributing the app while in development
  • Vungle – To display video ads. Their SDK is not perfect, but after reading the docs a few we managed to integrate it.

Thank you to all the devs working on these libs. They rock!

30 Jul

Facebook Tweaks for iOS Game Development

Did we tell you about the upcoming update to our little time travel arcade game? We’re pretty sure that we did mention it somewhere in here.

The road to this major update was a lot smoother than the road to the initial release. We tried to optimize our dev process and we will talk about one aspect.


Facebook recently introduced Tweaks, a library that allows small adjustments to be made very easily, while the game is running.

Basically, by just shaking the device, a modal view is presented with the variables that  you have marked for tweaking. After changing those values, they are update in the live app.

If this sounds like something not related to game development, good. Continue reading. iOS Game development is tons of fun!

Read More

19 Jun

So many new toys for mobile devs this summer

This summer seems to be packed with new platforms and new features and tools to play with as far as mobile development is concerned. It’s like Xmas for devs:

1. We had the 2014 WWDC keynote at the start of the month with Apple announcing a ton of new features in iOS 8 + the new Swift programming language.

2. VLC, the “swiss army knife” of video players, announced that it’s adding Chromecast Support.

3. Yesterday Amazon announced the Fire Phone with some interesting features and custom functions.

Decisions, decisions… What else did we miss or is upcoming?