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28 Jan

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19 Aug

Visiting Gamescom and GDC Europe

Some really smart people scheduled the European Game Developer Conference in the exact same week and location as Gamescom. Since we were already attending the Big Indie Pitch we could not miss the opportunity to network with fellow game developers, publishers and industry veterans.

As with all events of this scale, in the evenings sponsored meetups take place in various locations outside the main event. Usually for networking over some snacks and drinks. No game developer should miss these opportunities of talking with people, so we were present at one event every evening.

Right on Monday we attended the Mobile Mixer, organised by PocketGamer. To take a break from talking, playing and drinking, the organisers held a discussion panel. People in the panel debated what mobile platforms can do to evolve and outperform other platforms. Some of the panelists included the CEO of Paradox, Oscar Clark – Everyplay and Unity Evangelist (this fellow really enjoys talking and he does have a lot of fascinating insight + a quirky hat), one of the founders of The Dutch Game Garden and some top executives from advertising networks.

Mobile Mixer Panel

Two points struck me from the panel discussion:

  • Fredrik Wester (Paradox Interactive) mentioned that they have a rule in their games, to never ask money from their players based on frustration.
  • Oscal Clark shared some experience about why an App Store driven by charts is broken. In the past, when he introduce top charts in an App Store, revenues for the platform owners dropped considerably because the top games were already more or less ubiquitos, so there was no incentive for users to re-download them.

Tuesday was the Big Indie Pitch, organised by Pocket Gamer again. And a swell job they did! Following a speed-dating workflow, we pitched to members of the media, sponsors and organizers. You can find more info about this over here. One interesting point is that both here and at the Mobile Mixer from Monday, there was a contest where people played Timberman for a chance to win some VIP passes for the upcoming event in London. Nice way to attract attention from the right crowd!

Big Indie Pitch Table

Wednesday Vungle organised a meetup in a pretty fancy location. We met a bunch of very interesting people over there and enjoyed a few drinks. The organizers were super open and friendly, giving us a lot of new info about their video ad platform and what is to come.

Thursday we followed the Gamescom calling, feeling a bit envious on all the people we saw around the city flashing their event badges the day before. We started with the business area which was quite temperate and calm. Most stands were exclusively for the press. The only lively places were the stands for each country with UK, Spain and Holland sticking out. The big companies (Rockstart, 2K, Activision, Blizzard, etc.) had big and closed areas, accesible only to the press.

In the evening we attended the Chartboost meetup where Bleau met the guys who developed Timberman and this happened:

Timberman group shot
Note: Only one beard is real. Guess which one.

Friday was solely dedicated to the Gamescom entertainment area. Oh boy! That’s a lot to cover! 6 enormous halls packed with huge stands, cosplayers and waiting lines.

One of the huge halls

Some major cosplay

The big game companies brought their best. The only line which we thought was worth waiting in for almost one hour was the Oculus demo area (note: one hour is a short waiting time ). Here we got a chance to demo the Oculus playing some Eve Valkyrie. The experience was not disappointing. So what if we looked funny from the outside, twisting our heads like mad men? We actually could inspect almost every inch of that sci-fi cockpit and dodged some missiles. And looking out the side window in space was quite something.

The Indie Mega Booth, while much smaller compared to the rest of the stands, was pure visual pleasure. We discovered several games which are a blast to play: Out There, Chroma Squad, Broforce, Typoman, The Next Penelope,

A few monsters playing Broforce

Oculus Testing

One observation: was present everywhere. Kind of gives a sign of how powerful of an influencer it has become.

For more photos from the event head over to our Facebook Page and click that Like button for the photos you enjoyed. If you will also like our page, we’d be grateful. 😀

22 Jul

The Way Home Update Out On The 30th of July

Hey everyone, we’re excited. The update has been approved, Will is lost in time again and Dex is acting out in the present so here’s a teaser trailer.

Want to find out what Dex is up to? Then download the game and get ready: the next update is coming out on the 30th of July:

For veteran time travelers, there will be a cool collection of intense episodes while helping Dex, William’s best friend, to score a date with a special lady.

Warning: A strong urge to throw your phone might appear while dodging obstacles, gathering special items and dashing around corners.

High “time re-travel-ability” – try and get the best score, best time and the perfect streak. Get to the top of the leaderboards by playing a perfect game and getting bonuses based on a bowling style score system. On top of that comes an imposing “One Shot Bonus”.

Incredibly low-priced time traveling: To celebrate the new update, starting with the 30th of July,  we will dropp the price for Unlock All to $0.99 for one week.

Help us spread the word about the game and the update. Each new player and new download gives us the necessary resources to find out where Will is and get him closer to coming back home.


16 Jul

The Way Home: The Game’s Story And Theme

The Way Home: Incredible Time Travel Arcade Adventure

We never did get to talk about the great (hey, it’s great to us) story behind The Way Home. Let’s do that now. And while we’re at it, we might as well discuss the objects and the pills too.

Eearly Version vs Current version

When we started working on the game, all we had was the 15 lanes and a block moving left and right. No personality. No  goals. Nothing. We wanted and needed a story.

The story had to fit certain criteria though: it had to “get along” with the going from level to level part. We also wanted a context where people playing the game could discover or, why not, learn something.

I still consider this a pretty cool coincidence. During the days when we were thinking about the theme, I caught a post title on Facebook saying (and of course I’m paraphrasing):

“The stories and adventures in the Quantum Leap Series are attractive even today. It’s one of the most watched sci-fi series this summer on Netflix.”

First thing I thought was… “Oh boy!”

Quantum Leap had been one of my favorite tv shows growing up (and after that I found out that Tudor watched it a lot too). Deep down I’m still hoping that they continue/redo the series.

One thing that I loved is that the series had a lot of lessons to teach about life and about character. With some episodes, you also learned a bit of history too.  We wanted to bring that to our game as well.

The more we thought about the time traveling theme, the more we liked it. We liked the time traveling part but also the fact that the whole adventure was split up in smaller scenes  (think levels in the game) to begin with. On top of this, we could use the stories to show and tell players things that were interesting or that mattered from the past.

We decided to create sets of levels that would form a story or one of the time jumps. Since we did get our inspiration from Quantum Leap, as a tribute to the series, the first character that our hero jumps into is also Tom Stratton, the air force pilot.

And now you are probably asking what does bouncing off the edges and collecting objects and the inactive/sleeping people have to do with time traveling and our chosen theme ( and how is it similar to Quantum Leap for that matter )?

Well, in Quantum Leap every time Sam Beckett jumped he had to set things right in the life of the person that he jumped in to. This means doing things for people he meets in that life in order to achieve his goal and jump again.

For our game, we simplified and symbolized all the actions and things our hero needs to do by collecting objects that in turn wake up the sleepers.  Until you activate all the sleeping people and make them happy, you are stuck in that time and moment and that is why you keep bouncing off the edges.

All the objects are specific and related to the story. For example, in the first story where our hero jumps into a pilot, one of the objects is an airplane.

There is only one object that keeps appearing: the mirror. Having a mirror in a level means that you will discover something about your new identity. It usually appears in the first levels of each story… usually.

Go ahead, give our time traveling adventure a try and see what happens to Will.

Play The Way Home Free.




09 Jul

The Way Home: Next update is waiting for review

The Way Home game hardcore levels

We’ve submitted the next big update for “The Way Home” to the App Store last week and it’s waiting to go in review.

Here’s some of the cooler stuff that the update is bringing:

– A hardcore “throw your phone” story with Dex as the main character
– A creative update to the scoring that rewards players for doing streaks (finishing as many consecutive levels as possible without dying or repeating the level… similar to bowling)
– Reduced iAP prices for powerups: all $0.99
– Reduced price for unlock all: $2.99
– Increased number of powerups you get (10 second winds, 3 slows)

We’ll give a shout out (and probably another review voucher sweepstake thingy) when the update is out and ready to download.

In the meantime, download the game if you haven’t already. The Way Home is free.