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22 Jan

Ad to Cash and Ad to Fun Ratio in Free To Play Games

Ad To Cash Ratio - moWOW studios

I was reading the other day about Crossy Road and how they made 1 million dollar from video ads.  In the past few months I’ve seen better and better integration between games and ads where currency is being replaced with watching a 15 second video or a banner.

It got me wondering what is the ad to cash ratio in these games and if there is any average or standard to it.  In other words many ads must a player watch to match a $0.99 IAP? Here’s a few games that I tested out and their ratios: Read More

22 Jul

The Way Home Update Out On The 30th of July

Hey everyone, we’re excited. The update has been approved, Will is lost in time again and Dex is acting out in the present so here’s a teaser trailer.

Want to find out what Dex is up to? Then download the game and get ready: the next update is coming out on the 30th of July:

For veteran time travelers, there will be a cool collection of intense episodes while helping Dex, William’s best friend, to score a date with a special lady.

Warning: A strong urge to throw your phone might appear while dodging obstacles, gathering special items and dashing around corners.

High “time re-travel-ability” – try and get the best score, best time and the perfect streak. Get to the top of the leaderboards by playing a perfect game and getting bonuses based on a bowling style score system. On top of that comes an imposing “One Shot Bonus”.

Incredibly low-priced time traveling: To celebrate the new update, starting with the 30th of July,  we will dropp the price for Unlock All to $0.99 for one week.

Help us spread the word about the game and the update. Each new player and new download gives us the necessary resources to find out where Will is and get him closer to coming back home.


14 Apr

A bit of irony in all the Clash Of Clans clones and Boom Beach


I’m playing Boom Beach. I have also played Clash of Clans but I’ve also tried some titles from the “Clash Of Clones Bundle”.

What occurred to me is that the best clone or game that was based on or inspired from Clash Of Clans is… in fact… *drum roll*… Boom Beach.

Supercell took their own game, broke it back into “Lego” pieces and made up another fun title.

Meanwhile, the devs who copied Clash of Clans instead of trying to be creative with the pieces, opted to just paint the pieces and make the same thing.

They should play with Lego more.


11 Apr

People and players and games and devs


Twenty years ago, you had to walk several miles to get to your neighbor’s house. Yet, people did that… daily even, without any problem. They found ways to spend time together. They also had arguments and fights, but they were back drinking coffee or eating some ice-cream the next day.

Here’s a sample of what today’s people are like sometimes:”Did you just talk with that person that I cannot stand? Oh this friendship is over…” and I didn’t even add the interesting cursing words to make it genuine.

In today’s world, we discard friends and relationships and girlfriends and boyfriends and old friends because *insert anything here really*. Why? Because there are hundreds and thousands of other people out there… I’ll get another girlfriend or another friend in no time.

But that is false as there will always be things to discuss and problems or common ground to establish with any 2 people getting close. That’s how humans are.  The next person you will like will have some problems or things you don’t like too.

Going through that is what makes that relationship more valuable and those people closer. Trying to fix it instead of throwing it away might get you to the good stuff.

Now on to games. Specifically mobile games(free to play or otherwise). I feel that in a way, the same thing is happening.

We discard games both free and premium the moment we find something we dislike. We let go of a game the moment they charge for that huge $0.99 (how dare they!) and that’s even though we liked the game.

We disregard games before we even play them. We just downloaded it because it was free.

The point I’m trying to make and the question I’m asking here is:

“Are we really enjoying these games to the fullest?”

Or are we just jumping from game to game because 200 other games launched today and I have to get them.

Maybe sticking around and sending the dev an email with feedback might actually give us a better experience and maybe even a bonus in the game.

Even if  there are still bumps in it, if you like a game, don’t insta-delete it. The devs are listening. Invest some time with them to see if it works.

Try and fix it instead of throwing it away. There’s a chance that sticking with games that you like and people that make the kind of fun that you enjoy will get you more of that kind of fun and more quality games.

07 Apr

Why force push notifications onto players instead of charging for them?

push notification IAPs

A lot of games (if not all of them) use push notifications to inform or get players back into the game:

  • Your energy/life is recharged…
  • Player97 has challenged you. It’s your move
  • Your hero is fully healed

And it is normal for those to be free. I have a valid interest in sending those pushes to the player.

Games however have the power to create needs and thus the possibility of extra service for the players.


hay day tom

A good example of a service within a game is “Tom” from Hay Day.  He’s an errand boy that
helps you find resources you need to buy from other players.   Instead of searching through all your friends’ products on sale, you just tell him what to find and he gets it.

Now back to the notifications. Apart from the basic ones mentioned above that are nowadays sent even without specific permission (see local pushes), I think it is a valid option to charge for getting notified of important events within a game. Here are some that I would consider paying for:

  • New events or allies needing my help to defeat a Raid boss in Blood Brothers
  • When bosses can be attacked again in Word Mage
  • When any person from my shortlist or list of friends are playing any multiplayer game
  • When new heroes are activated/available for play in Kingdoms CCG for iPad

It is an interesting IAP that also can take on a “subscription” form.  The speed of receiving the notification versus other players is another approach to it.  Having a player pay for this feature might also increase the value of notifications for them.

It is true that I have only seen this in practice with Twiterrific, an app not a game but I am curious and searching to see if I can find such a service in a mobile game (that actually had success).

What are your thoughts on charging for “valuable” notifications (notifications as a service)?