Tudor And Bleau moWOW

We are Tudor Munteanu and Alex Bleau.  moWOW, this daring and slightly crazy endeavour of ours started in 2011. Since then, we have made Clumsy And The Stars and The Way Home.

We make games. And apps. Mostly iOS. We’re also pretty comfortable with stuff like app/game marketing, free to play or server side implementations.

We have also gained quite a bit of experience with iBeacon technology and Safari Push Notifications. We’re really excited about their potential to disrupt the market and we’re glad to be part of it.


moWOW also takes on contract projects. While our passion is making mobile games and our dream is to do this full time, we also need the budget to back up our crazy creations.

If you are interested in what we can do for you or what services we can offer just send us an email at hey [@] mowowstudios [dot] com.


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