23 Aug

Timberman Team: The Business Cards Question

As we’ve already mentioned, during the Chartboost party last week we had the cool surprise of meeting the team behind Timberman and had the chance to do a very beard-y selfie ( some beards more natural than others ).

We also exchanged business cards and here is where we found a discrepancy:

timberman 1


timberman 2 blur


So, Pawel (middle Pawel), what up with the not forrest friendly title? Creative Timberman on the left, Technical Wood Choper on the right, something odd in the middle.

In case you do decide to rectify this, here’s our suggestions:

  • Chop Master
  • CCO – Chief Chopping Officer
  • Forrest leveler
  • Head of chops

P.S. Very cool business cards guys!

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