28 Apr

A working from home puzzle game?

working from home game

Working from home can be a great thing and it also can be a horrible one. It all depends on how you set up, respect and of course protect your workplace and work space.

Let me give some examples of what challenges can appear: do some dishes, wake up late, get some bread, do the laundry, play something because you’re home, kids interrupt or don’t let you work at all, wife/husband calls from work or writes you to do something because you are at home.

Leaving all these distractions and interruptions into your 8 hour work time will mean productivity death by “a thousand cuts”. At the end of the day you will check your work log and only see 3-4 hours or even less.

So why not a game about this? A game about trying to juggle all the challenges with all the work? Is there already such a game? I mean apart from the real life one we are already “playing”?

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