10 Apr

Ramblings on daily rewards in games and amusement parks


Some kids go into an amusement park. Each of them receives a star shaped token. They were told it was a reward for coming back again (this is their first time).

They don’t really understand what it’s for so they throw them in the first trashcan like any flyer and proceed to the fun that they know and expect to have in the park.

They go on several rides, they eat some popcorn and ice-cream and then they see it… beautiful… exciting… shiny… a huge roller coaster!

They hurry up and stand in line. They get to the ticket office. And then… they see the sign… $30 or… a star shaped token.

If you decide to offer cash, coins or items to your players to convince them to come back, do not give the reward when they don’t understand its value yet. Do not give coins the moment I start the game for the first time. Use that time to get players hooked and show them how to play.

Instead of just handing out rewards the minute I walk through your door, wait. Wait for me to have some fun, to understand how things work and why I need that “star shaped token”. That is when you should reward me and incentivise me to come back.

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