17 Apr

Our game isn’t juicy enough… yet

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Tuesday we said that we’re cooking something and shared a video titled Juice it or lose it, a talk where Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho take the most boring version of brick breaker and bring it to life.

That is one simple video that showed us the power of juicing our game (or polish if you will). So we focused and are focusing more on that, on adding more life and interaction to our games.

I think I saw that video in December last year.  In January, as a sort of “funny coincidence”, I stumble over Richmond’s article about Darkstalkers and Animation.

Then we looked at our recent game again. Nope, not juicy enough. That juiciness or polish or whatever you wish to call it, that counts too and it adds a lot if done right.

So the video and the article left us craving for more. And what better place to start than the games we play everyday on our mobile phones and tablets.

We start playing and choosing what we like. But we had no real way of saving that moment, that animation other than a minute and second for the specific gameplay video. Seeing as this was not very efficient, so… we made gifs…

What we’ve been “cooking” is GAMEgifs, a collection of game animations “preserved” using GIFs.

Right now there are a bit over 100 and the number will grow and also include PC and console.  They have helped us so far and we thought they might be useful for other people as well.

Have a look and if you like it help us spread the word! 


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