10 Apr

A crazy bread simulator and an awesome retro mashup to play over the weekend

We always keep our eyes open for new and fun games to play and this weekend is starting to look like a very unproductive one! Here are two to try out:

I am Bread – Don’t be fooled into thinking that the goal of the game is to get that perfect spread or ideal toast burn. This is not your average slice of bread. Have a look at the latest trailer:

Pacapong – Take Space Invaders, Pacman and Pong. Mash them together. Add a bit of donkey kong for seasoning. You get Pacapong. An incredibly fun and challenging retro mashup by @dickpoelen. Check out the gameplay below:


We shared our find. How about you? What else should we play over the weekend?

04 Feb

Over 100 use cases and examples for iBeacon technology

ibeacon product info

We’ve recently finished our second iBeacon project and during development time we had the chance to both research and talk about ways that we could use this new technology.

While the most obvious and most touted way is revolutionizing retail, we believe it is just the tip of the iceberg and we are also seeing this in the requests that we receive.

Here’s a list with all the ideas that have come up or that we have found so far. The list is not exhaustive and we accept any tips on new ideas or examples of how to use this technology: Read More

28 Jan

Last day to get in on our Push Monkey “Cool update” sale

Safari Push Notifications - Push Monkey - Sale

If your website or blog has an important Mac readership, you might want to consider enabling Safari Push Notifications.

It’s an exciting new channel that lets your readers subscribe and receive notifications on their desktops when you publish new content.

In the past week we have been running a “cool update” sale for Push Monkey, our solution and service for delivering Safari Push Notifications for WordPress websites.

The sale ends today so check out Push Monkey and get in on the offer!


22 Jan

Ad to Cash and Ad to Fun Ratio in Free To Play Games

Ad To Cash Ratio - moWOW studios

I was reading the other day about Crossy Road and how they made 1 million dollar from video ads.  In the past few months I’ve seen better and better integration between games and ads where currency is being replaced with watching a 15 second video or a banner.

It got me wondering what is the ad to cash ratio in these games and if there is any average or standard to it.  In other words many ads must a player watch to match a $0.99 IAP? Here’s a few games that I tested out and their ratios: Read More

23 Aug

Timberman Team: The Business Cards Question

As we’ve already mentioned, during the Chartboost party last week we had the cool surprise of meeting the team behind Timberman and had the chance to do a very beard-y selfie ( some beards more natural than others ).

We also exchanged business cards and here is where we found a discrepancy:

timberman 1


timberman 2 blur


So, Pawel (middle Pawel), what up with the not forrest friendly title? Creative Timberman on the left, Technical Wood Choper on the right, something odd in the middle.

In case you do decide to rectify this, here’s our suggestions:

  • Chop Master
  • CCO – Chief Chopping Officer
  • Forrest leveler
  • Head of chops

P.S. Very cool business cards guys!